Sold Out!

Wow, just came back from my workout (4 laps around fresh pond, 1h19m), had some dinner (pasta...), and then read online that Boston Marathon sold out within less than 24 hours. Is this good news or bad news? ;-)

Well, I haven't run a marathon this year yet. Wouldn't want to break the tradition. The challenge stands, I'll try!

Food intake for the last 24 hours:
Sunday: Dinner with big dessert with K. (hadn't made the decision yet)
Monday, breakfast: two apples, half a bread, a mug of milk; lunch: egg&eggplant sandwich, brownie (before the decision...), another apple (thanks V.); dinner: pasta, some more bread, another apple, and a yoghurt
No cookies, brownies, etc. for the next three weeks, no alcohol - sacrifice for a marathon...

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